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Literacy Workshop

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Literacy Workshop for Educators

July 20, 2018 9:30am – 11:00am First Presbyterian Church of Marietta (189 Church Street, Marietta 30060) FREE and open to the public

Join us as CIS of Marietta/Cobb County hosts Kelley Provence in providing educators the skills to help students learn to read, build fluency, read with speed, accuracy, and expression.

Workshop Description:


Reading Buddy Training



Practice makes perfect.  We’ve heard that all of our lives, and it’s true if…you are practicing correctly.  If you practice doing something incorrectly, you’ll probably get good at doing it poorly.



This 1.5 hour workshop will provide you with an overview of how people learn to read.  Knowing this will help you determine what to do to best help your “buddy” progress in reading skill.  This workshop will focus on building reading fluency, helping your “buddy” read with speed, accuracy and expression.   In this workshop you will practice helping someone become a better reader by listening to them read and learning how to give feedback that will allow them to become a better reader faster.



The process of learning to become a better reader is the same for children and adults. Just like the process for learning to play the piano is the same, no matter how old you are.  The main difference in working with people of different ages  is the selection of appropriate reading material.





Kelley Provence has spent over 25 years developing and implementing programming across literacy disciplines.  Her work includes: 1. Early Literacy Community programming for parents and childcare providers (birth-4); 2. In-school pullout programs to remediate elementary school children; 3. Developing academic catch-up programs for ESL students; 4. ABE programming for adults and 5. Family Literacy programming focused on teaching parents how to prepare their children (birth-5) to be ready to read and how to help their children build reading fluency (ages 5-13). Work roles include:  Executive Director of LVA-Newton County, Executive Director of the Learning Center-Newton County, Principal of Peachtree Academy-Conyers, Academic Director of the Global Village Project-Decatur, Academic Specialist, Teacher and Community Engagement Instructor.



She is a national presenter and regularly presents at COABE, NCFL and ProLiteracy conferences.


Questions? contact Laura Rutland lrutland@cismcc.org